the_marie (the_marie) wrote,

Funny thing happened on Halloween.
Went out to a bar with Kate (because there was nowhere else to go), dressed as the only thing I could have possibly pulled off this year; a pirate. Aside from not having a cutlass, or an eye patch, or any of those other really cliché accessories that say "I'm gonna make this really easy to figure out", I looked like a pretty fucking beleivable pirate. Yeah, right down to the not smelling so great, the bad attitude, the excessive grog-drinking, and foul language.
Well, appharently I needed to spell out my costume to the retards at this bar, because not one, not two, but THREE people asked me if I was going as Kelly Osbourne. Kate isn't allowed to pick what bar we go to anymore.

So, you decide for yourself. Behind these doors there is one picture of Kelly Osbourne, and one very similar, yet very different picture of ME. Who's who? Winner gets me right hand, matey.

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