the_marie (the_marie) wrote,

I'm lonely. There. I fucking said it: I AM LONELY. Taking a year away from Montreal, albeit a good idea, sucks. Being single again sucks. Meeting new people sucks. I hate "getting to know" people now. Why? Because I hate sugar-coating over the reason why I'm here in the first place!

No one wants to hear "Well, my boyfriend and I, wait, no. My boyfriend was having some really huge problems, which, of course, became my huge problems (because they always do when you love someone that doesn't have their shit together). I had an emotional meltdown, and came home to escape what I thought was a problem with living in the city. Well, my boyfriend, and our problems, followed me here and then exploded like an atom bomb destroying everything in its path, including out relationship. I spent the greater portion of two months trying to figure out how to fix everything and get my boyfriend and our old life back. During the worst Thanksgiving of my life, I finally came to terms with being alone. Things started getting marginally better from that point on. I met some guys. Didn't get to screw around with the ones I wanted to, ended up screwing around with the ones I didn't want to( We do desperate things when we are drunk and lonely). Started taking classes at a school with very few kindred spirits. Currently in the process of figuring out how to talk to strangers without coming off as desperate or dangerous. This is the challenge ahead. That, kissing as many cute boys as possible in the next 8 months.
So Anyway, what brings you to Rhode Island?".

Like I said, no one wants to hear that shit. I've already recounted both the censored and uncensored versions of the story of my life from January 2003, to January 2004 at least a million times. Might as well, now, put up a version on the internet, and just direct people to it, to save myself valuabe time, energy, and oxygen.

kiss. kiss.
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