the_marie (the_marie) wrote,

update on library fiasco

The dude picked up the note, looked around, pulled out his books, and studied for a while! Studying? How could he study after my bold attempt to snare him with my feminine wiles? Then, get this, he fucking left! No acknowledgement whatsoever. Who is this retard? You don't give the "come hither" eyes and then act all aloof and disinterested. My limited knowledge of the opposite sex tells me that boys like it when girls make the first move; it takes the pressure off or something. I make the first move and what happens? It blows up like an atom bomb in my face. And I was dressed to impress, too. Damn.
I got the shut-down real bad. Now I know how Kevin, on "The Wonder Years", felt every weekday afternoon at 4:00 on Fox 64. If I had a heart, it would break a little right now.
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