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My dog hates me

I am so pissed off. My dog Phoebe just shit all over the backseat and then ground it into the carpet like a fine diarrhea paste. Yours truly had to scrub it all off with a sponge and her bare hands, as there were no rubber gloves to be found anywhere.
Anyone here know what it is like to get dog shit under your fingernails? Better still, anyone know how hard it is to get that dog shit OUT from under your fingernails? I am not pleased at the prospect of spending the next day smelling like this. People are going to walk by and think "Hey, that girl smells like dog shit. Let's beat her up and teach her a lesson". Or something like that.
I'm feeling a little out of it this morning. I hit an all-time low last night when I broke plans with my brother to stay home and get drunk by myself and listen to country records. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and I did enjoy myself immensely, but I am not convinced that this is a healthy way to spend a Sunday evening. It is somewhat permissible if you are a rock star or a tortured artist. I am neither of these things...not even close, actually.
I think I should take this opportunity to take it easy on the drink for a little while. It will definately keep me from eating ham and cheese sandwiches at 1:00 in the morning. The raiding the fridge after a night of drinking thing is something I also need to get a handle on. No one loves a fat drunk insomniac.

kiss kiss.
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