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Hey, pick me! Pick me!

I have officially entered Lonely-ville, population 1, by way of Loser-town. I joined
I've heard in some cities, like say New York, that this sort of thing is cool and that everyone does it. In fact, I know several people who have had tremendous luck with this dating strategy.
Providence is not New York, for all you people under the misconception that it's hip, trendy, or otherwise cool. In light of this, you begin to understand why all of these single Rhode Islanders have turned to the internet for dating help...they are total fucking losers. Unfortunately, as of two days ago, I am no better.
In my defense, I have few friends here. The friends I do have here are into going to shitty bars and hob-nobbing with even shittier bands*. Therefore, I have no way of meeting anyone up my proverbial alley. I can't even get people to commit to going to a show with me on a Friday night. I thought being single was supposed to be awesome, people. So far, it sucks. No one to laugh at my retarded jokes, no one to talk about bands I love and bands I hate, no one to fool around with when I come home from the bar a little too drunk. These are key issues in my life right now.
I am hopeful that when I do my "study away" semester here that I will meet some cool people. Or, at least people I can sit at the lunch table with. I have little or no expectations.
Chances are, if you don't like Dave Matthews Band, and you have a car in which to take me places, you are my new best friend.

*see post about Phish
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