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Honk if you're lonely tonight.

Kate and I went out a-drinkin' last night. We started out at the Topside, a towny dive bar with a naked mermaid on the sign. We saw about five kids from our Catholic grammar school totally smashed and beligerent. In very little time, we too became smashed and beligerent. I think I was trying to make up for all that time I gave up drinking to help Mike to deal with his alcohol problem. Had I only known that Mike was "dealing" with his alcohol problem by drinking behind my back, well...
I digress. Back to the sweet partying.
The only thing lacking in last night's fun was the music. I could have sworn that the band they got was a Dave Matthwes cover band. And what's worse, they went over really well with everyone. There was even a fucking electric violin! How's a body supposed to smash bottles on the floor and fall down the stairs to that? Last time I was there they had this awesome Bob Seeger-type outfit playing, who attracted all the right people (if you know what I mean).

Rachel and I went out for our weekly record spree ritual today. I picked up "Drinkin'", the first in a four-album Merle Haggard set. Now, I just need to get "Cheatin'", "Hurtin'", and "Prison", and my break-up soundtrack will be complete. On the back of the CD, it says "Collect all four and enjoy the pain".
Thank you, I will.
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